Sterile Compounding

A & O Specialty Pharmacy is fully compliant with USP <797> and has a certified ISO Class 7 cleanroom with laminar flow hoods. Our compounding pharmacists have received advanced training in sterile compounding and we perform pyrogen, sterility, and potency testing. Please contact a member of our pharmacy staff for more information about our sterile medications.

Injectable Medications:

  • Intramuscular Drugs (IM)
  • Subcutaneous Drugs (SC or S.Q.)
  • Preservative-Free Drugs (PF)
  • Multiple Dose Vial (MDV)

Commonly Compounded Injectable Medications:

  • Glutathione 200mg/ml (PF)
  • Hydroxocobalamin 20mg/ml MDV
  • Methylcobalamin 1mg/ml MDV
  • Methylcobalamin 25mg/ml (PF)
  • Bi-Mix 30mg/1mg/ml, 30mg/2mg/ml, 30mg/3mg/ml
  • Tri-Mix 30mg/1mg/10mcg/ml, 30mg/1mg/20mcg/ml , 30mg/2mg/20mcg/ml
  • Tri-Mix 30mg/3mg/30mcg/ml, 30mg/4mg/40mcg/ml, 30mg/5mg/50mcg/ml
  • Tri-mix 30mg/6mg/60mcg/ml, Tri-Mix 30mg/10mg/60mcg/ml

Commonly Compounded Eye Medications:

  • Acetylcysteine 5% and 10% Ophthalmic Drops
  • Atropine 0.01% Ophthalmic Drops
  • Cefazolin 50mg/ml Ophthalmic Drops
  • Ceftazidime 50mg/ml Ophthalmic Drops
  • Fortified Tobramycin 14mg/ml and 15mg/ml Ophthalmic Drops
  • Fortified Vancomycin 25mg/ml and 50mg/ml Ophthalmic Drops
  • Cyclosporine (Preservative-Free)  0.5%, 1% and 2% Ophthalmic Drops
  • Dexamethasone (Preservative-Free) 0.025%, 0.05% and 0.1% Ophthalmic Drops
  • EDTA 1%, 2%, and 3% Ophthalmic Drops
  • Progesterone 0.05%/ Testosterone 0.05% Ophthalmic Drops
  • Tretinoin 0.01% Ophthalmic Drops and Ophthalmic Ointment

Veterinary Compounded Sterile Eye Drops

  • Cyclosporine Ophthalmic 1 and 2% Ophthalmic Drops
  • Tacrolimus 0.02% and 0.03% Ophthalmic Suspension Eye Drops
  • Tacrolimus 0.02% Ophthalmic Ointment


Professional Affiliations
  • PCCA
  • GoodNeighbor

A prescription from a licensed practitioner is required for compounded medications.

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